BCTF/CEP Settlement

Term of agreement
3 years (January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2009)

Salary Schedule
Recast at December 31, 2006 to reflect roll over of telephone and Internet allowances (taxable benefits) into salary
January 1, 2007 – 2.0% Increase
January 1, 2008 – 2.0% Increase
January 1, 2009 – 2.0% Increase

Signing bonus of $3500.

Retirement Gratuity and Retirement Benefits
Employees on staff prior to January 31, 2007 and current retirees as of January 31, 2007 are red-circled for existing retirement gratuity and retirement benefits.

Employees hired after January 31, 2007 upon retirement from the Federation shall receive a retirement gratuity equal to 1.5% of annual salary for each year of service with the Federation.

Employees hired after January 31, 2007 may access the retirement health benefits available under Article 22 by paying 100% of the premiums.

Employees hired after January 31, 2007 will be eligible for the Great West Life Group Insurance Plan on a shared basis: 50 % employer paid, 50% employee paid.

New Article: Early Retirement Incentive Plan: Continuing and term employees on staff prior to January 31, 2007, with 4 or more years service with the Federation, who retire from the Federation with less than 10 years of service shall receive an ERIP payment equal to 3.0% per year of service with the Federation, and may access the benefits available under Article 22 by paying 100% of the premiums.

Right to Union Representation
New clause added; “If an employee requests union representation at a meeting with the Federation such a request will not be denied.” Existing discipline related meetings language amended to include “Such, notice will be provided to the Union and the employee in writing with the particulars prior to any meeting being held.”

Leave for Union Business
Added union leave days for attendance at CEP Provincial Council (equivalent to BCTF RA).

“For predictable events, the union shall provide the employer with five (5) days notice.”

Improvements for Term Appointments
Subject to prior approval one (1) return trip and the cost of overnight lodging to be paid for the purposes of interviews, returning to a position, visiting schools or other work sites associated with return to district.

Payment of the costs of cancellation, transfer, or installation fees for services and utilities involved in the relocation.

When a term employee retires from the teaching profession when their term ends, payment of moving and transportation costs to that term retiree’s original location, or to another location with the cost not to exceed a move back to the original location.

New clause: “All appointees shall receive written information pertaining to employment benefits, moving expenses, and other applicable information attached to their appointment letter”.

Holidays and Vacations
To be scheduled by mutual agreement.

New Clause added; “Where the Federation withdraws agreement to an employee’s vacation, the Federation shall compensate the employee for reasonable expenses incurred by the employee that are related to the cancellation.”

The rest of the changes to the collective agreement are very minor.

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