Purchasing service if layed-off

As this is lay-off/recall time in many school districts, I just thought I would remind Presidents that members who have been laid off can purchase the time they are on a recall list.  You may want to share the following info with any of your members who find themselves in this quandary plus file a copy of it in Section 8 of your Benefits Binders:

Purchasing Layoff Periods
You can purchase periods of layoff as a general leave of absence if you were placed on a recall list and didn’t return to work, or if you returned to work for the same or different employer and worked less than your previous assignment. You must apply to purchase this service before your recall rights expire.

Calculating the Cost
The cost of a leave of absence is based on your current full-time equivalent salary, multiplied by the length of the leave period, multiplied by:
• the current employee contribution rate (9.16% as of July 1, 2007) – this applies to maternity, parental and adoption, and compassionate care leaves, or
• the current employee and employer contribution rates (21.45% as of July 1, 2007) – this applies to general leaves

The School District Budget for 2007/2008

Les Pritchard attended the first Advisory Budget Meeting on behalf of the Union.  The essential message is that the District believes they need to lay off 3 FTE Teachers and 4 FTE Childcare workers but they need a third senior Board office staff member.

Right now there is one administrator for every 8.2 teachers in our District.  This would make that ratio worse yet.

The justification is that they expect 50 fewer students, but the Board staff are too busy.