Start of the Year Checklist

1)††††† Check to make sure you are on:

Automatic deduction for College of Teachers or that you have paid the College directly by June 30 for the next school year.

You are correctly on either ten or twelve month pay periods.You may need to do paperwork on this.Please keep a copy for your files.

All the amounts, (pay and deductions,) are correct on your pay cheque.Do this for every pay cheque.The amounts deducted will change during the year.

2)††††† Make sure you are receiving the correct amount of Prep. time.

3)††††† If you are on partial leave, then calculate your days missed due to statutory holidays and plan when you will have those days made up during the school year.

4)††††† Make an appointment to check your file at the Board Office, to clean out any information that has expired or should not be there.Also check to make sure material is up to date on your resume etc.

5)††††† Plan to attend a Harassment Training workshop.

6)††††† You have read the information from the BCTF about class size/composition.

7)††††† Do not speak with an administrator about your class size and composition without Union representation.

8)††††† Your class size and composition are what you agreed to – copy for your records and to the Union Office.

9)††††† Proper supports are in place.

10)Do not sign anything that says you will do more than you are sure you can do.i.e. Only sign off on the number of IEPís you know you can do.Probably 3 or less.

11)Plan to attend a Retirement Conference.Find out where one is being held or when one will be in Prince Rupert.The sooner you plan for your retirement the better, but especially if you plan to retire within 5 years.

12)If you are at factor 88, (your years of experience plus your age equal 88,) you will probably want to withdraw from SIP.Get the form from the Board Office and fill it out.

13)Make sure your Seniority is correct when it comes out for the new school year.

14)Make sure you know who your Staff Rep. is, and who fills your other Union positions.You may want to sign on to a position yourself.

15)Sign up for the Union email List Serve, so you can keep up with what is going on Ė locally and provincially.Email me at to be included.

16)Find out when the first General Meeting is to be held and plan to attend.

17)Make sure you know how to locate a copy of your contract.

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