Saturday Jan. 19, 2008 General Meeting Minutes

1. Call to order: 12:45
2. MOVED Bowles/E. Braid: That the agenda be adopted as amended. CARRIED
3. MOVED E.Braid/Jong-Bowles: That the minutes of December 11, 2007, be adopted as circulated. CARRIED

i) Treasurer – none
ii) CBC (G. Bureau) – Comments on attempt to publish new copies of contract, bargaining issues and possible schedule.
iii) Social Justice – none
iv) Pro-D (C. Pudsey) – Comments on attached report
v) TOC – none
vi) Local Rep. – see below
vii) Labour Council (M. Jong-Bowles) – General Comments.
MOVED Jong-Bowles/Bowles That the $280 from fundraising at LC Dinner/Dance last fall be donated to the Unemployment Action Centre, and that our union match that donation. CARRIED
viii) President (J. Larson) – Speaking informally on variety of subjects, including District Visioning Committee, need for contract language in the event of school closures.


i) District Visioning Committee: Recommendation from the Executive to the General Meeting that PRDTU withdraw from the Visioning Committee. MOVED Bowles/E. Braid: That the PRDTU withdraw from the District Visioning Committee. CARRIED
MOVED Konsmo/Cowley: That we place a quarter-page ad in the newspaper, explaining the union reasons for withdrawal and our position on the issue. CARRIED
ii) LR Position: Notice of resignation from LR (Marty Bowles); Gabriel Bureau appointed by Executive until election at next general meeting; our constitution requires notice of motion at this General Meeting and official election at the next (probably February).
iii) Elections of AGM Delegates (elect 2 plus alternate, president and LR go as well): MOVED V. Delorme/E. Braid: That D. Konsmo and M. Cavin be selected as scrutineers. CARRIED ELECTED: Andrew Braid, Gabriel Bureau, alt. Mae Jon-Bowles
MOVED Bowles/E.Braid: That the ballots be destroyed. CARRIED
iv) BCTF Action Plan for Teaching and Learning Update. There is money available for our local to take further action about FSAs and other concerns, if we are interested.
v) Endorsement of Candidate for Member-at-Large of BCTF – MOVED Bowles/Konsmo: That we endorse Michelle Davies as a candidate for Member-at-Large of the BCTF Executive, being elected at this year’s AGM. CARRIED MOVED Bowles/Konsmo: That the PRDTU contribute $500 toward Michelle Davies’ campaign. CARRIED MOVED Bowles/Jong-Bowless: That the PRDTU donate $200 toward the cost of “Fantasy Island” hospitality suite at this year’s AGM. CARRIED



9. ADJOURNMENT – MOVED Bowles at 2:15

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