Prince Rupert District Teachers’ Union
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  • Minutes From Feb. 21st General Meeting

    Posted on February 22nd, 2008 editor No comments

    1. Called to order at 3:50 pm

    2. Adoption of the agenda Motion: Delorme/Kolesar Carried

    3. Accept Minutes of Jan.19th, 2008 general meeting : Motion A.Braid/T.Kolesar Carried

    4. Old Business: None

    5. New Business
    i) Election of LR for remainder of 2007-2008 school year: Gabriel Bureau Acclaimed
    ii) Update on School Closures: DVC final reported submitted, no copies available at Board Meeting , will be sent out on listserve when available.
    iii) Delegates for AGM are now A. Braid, K. Peters, J. Larson on Gabriel Bureau (LR), Michelle Davies is alternate Motion: That the bargaining committee look at what will happen with staffing if there are school closures Delorme/M.Bowles Carried

    6. Announcements
    i) Rights, Not Wrongs Conference April 3-5: 2 social justice reps. Going, any other teacher interested can put in their name by March 7th.
    ii) Social Justice Committee having a celebration open to all, Saturday March 8th. Need to know numbers by Feb. 29th. Dinner and a Movie
    ii) Pro-D committee next meeting planning for next year, Please let your Pro D rep know your ideas.
    7. Moved to Adjourn M. Bowles 4:30pm